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Problem 1:You can’t find the “Ip camera tool”
Please make sure the products are ok,then check it as below.
1:Please make sure that the network cable is ok .we recommend you use the AMP cable.Please notice that the cable is ok if you it to connect with our computer ,but it won’t work on the ip cameras.This is because that ip cameras have a higher requirement on the speed of transferring the data.So please push it hardly when you make the head of the cable.
2:Make sure the power works.You need to make sure that the led is on,if yes,then check whether the yellow led and the green led is on or not.If yes,then the power and the network cable are ok.

3:We advice you to shut the firewall and anti-virus software down before you use the ‘ip camera tool’.

Problem 2:There are no pictures .
1.please make sure if you use the wrong adaptor.If yes,please restart the power,then it will be ok
2.Shut down the anti-virus software.

Problem 3:You can’t login in through WAN.
1. Please make sure that the status of DDNS is succeed.
2. Please make sure that the port you set on the ip camera is the same as the port on the router.

Problem 4:You can’t see connect the ip camera.
1. Probable reason:you can’t connect WAN.
Solution:To connect your computer with the WAN directly ,make sure that it is ok.
2. Probable reason:your ip address is taken by other divices.
Solution:we advice you set a new ip address.
3. Probable reason: ip address is on different subnet mask.
Solution:please check the setting of the ip address ,subnet mask and gateway.。
4. Probable reason:Your web port have been changed.
Solution:contact the administer to know the information of your web port
5. Probable reason:unknown
Solution:reset the ip camera through the button on the bottom of our ip cameras,then connect it again.
Problem 5:Can’t access the IP CAM in the internet?

There are several reasons,as follows.
1 ActiveX is not installed correctly.
2 The Http port is blocked by firewall or anti- anti-virus software.Please change the prot and try again.
3 There are two way to make UPnP succeed.
To make the UPnP function on via the setting of your router.After that ,please make sure that the UPnP is succeed after you check the “UPnP setting”
If your router have the virtual mapping function,please add your ip address and port to the mapping list.
4 the ip address is dynamic when you use ADSL.You need to set up the DDNS and make sure that the
port mapping is succeed.

Problem 6:Why pop-up the prompt “Fail to connect to the device…”?
This prompt only appeared in the case of using multiple cameras.
Enter the Multi-Device Settings page(login as administrator) to check the Device setting is correct or not.
When one of the multiple cameras disconnected, the color changed to yellow and pop-up the prompt“Fail to connect to the device…”.